“And all they in the synagogue, when they heard these things, were filled with wrath,” Luke 4:28
When the Lord brought home to His congregation the real state of their hearts, it turned out that on their side they were not poor, blind, crushed, and captives; they were not at all in that spirit, for they took Him to the brow of the hill tto cast Him down. We do not learn grace very readily; it is wonderful how little one’s heart is prepared to take in pure grace. Conviction of sin is of divine sovereignty; it is a divine operation which we cannot explain and no human power can bring about.
- C.A. Coates, (1862-1945)


“The Lord Jesus will not surrender His love.  His love is ever
active; He will enjoy you; though you may for a time “sleep,”-
be inactive with regard to His life, He cannot do so to you.
And this is a great comfort.

Romans Eight supplies us with a perfect answer to all the
painful, but most necessary, exercises of Romans Seven.
If we have passed through the different stages of dissatis-
faction, disappointment, disgust, and despair as to our old
nature, we are ready to welcome the infinite grace that gives
us title to take our position on the new ground that we are
“in Christ Jesus.”

(C.A.Coastes, The Believer Established,pg.8).

TO KNOW HIM……C.A. Coates

“Is that living Person now in heavenly glory really the Object
of our hearts? For some time after I knew the Saviour I used to
think of Him as One who had lived and died on earth long years ago.

I well remember the day when I knelt down with a dear brother who
prayed that we might know the Lord Jesus as a living Person
in the heavenly glory, and it dawned upon me that there was a
present Object for my heart in heaven. Our hearts will never be
satisfied until that glorified One becomes our Object bright and fair.”

(The Believer Established, pg. 46—C.A. Coates).