GOD HAS SPOKEN…C.H. Mackintosh

God has spoken and His voice reaches the heart. It makes itself heard above the din and confusion of this world, and the strife and controversy of professing Christians. It gives rest and peace, strength and fixedness to the believing heart and mind. The opinions of men may perplex and confound — we may not be able to thread our way through the labyrinths of human systems of theology: but God’s voice speaks in Holy Scripture — speaks to the heart — speaks to me. This is life and peace. It is all I want. Human writings may go now for what they are worth, seeing I have all I want in the ever-flowing fountain of inspiration — the peerless, precious volume of my God. 



Quote: Adolph Saphir

> “Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you – He Himself, although He may use various channels and instruments; it may be Paul, or Cephas, or Apollos;  it may be affliction or prosperity; it may be through the voice of Nature or of Providence; it may be through the Word or the example of a Christian; yet it is God Himself.  But of all instruments and channels the written Word is of the utmost importance; it stands supreme.  It is through Scripture, eminently, that God draws nigh to the soul.”