But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ. Yea, doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ, and be found in him……(Phil. 3:7-9)
There are Christians who look on the blessedness of spiritual life as consisting in the privilege of ever receiving; they know not how the capacity for receiving is only kept up and enlarged by continual giving up and giving out – how it is only in the emptiness that comes from the parting with what we have, that the Divine fulness can flow in. It was a truth our Savior continually insisted on. When He spoke of selling all to secure the treasure, of losing our life to find it, of the hundredfold to lose who forsake all, He was expounding the need of self-sacrifice as the law of the kingdom for Himself as well as for His disciples.
It is not enough that, when once you are truly converted, you have the earnest desire to have your life devoted to the service of the Lord. The desire is good, but can neither teach the way nor give the strength to do it acceptably. Incalculable harm has been done to the deeper spirituality of the Church, by the idea that when once we are God’s children the using of our gifts in His service follows as a matter of course. No; for this there is indeed needed very special grace. And the way in which the grace comes is again that of sacrifice and surrender.
And such surrender of all for Christ, is it a single step, the act and experience of a moment,or is it a course of daily renewed and progressive attainment? IT IS BOTH. There may be a moment in the life of a believer when he gets a first sight, or a deeper insight, of this most blessed truth, and when, made willing in the day of God’s power, he does indeed, in an act of the will, gather up the whole of life yet before him into the decision of a moment, and lay himself on the altar a living and an acceptable sacrifice (Rom. 12:1). Such moments have often been the blessed transition from a life of wandering and failure to a life of abiding and power Divine. But even then his daily life becomes the unceasing prayer for more light on the meaning of entire surrender, the ever-renewed offering up of all he has to God.
Nature shrinks back from such self-denial and crucifixion in its rigid application to our life in its whole extent. But what nature does not love and cannot perform, grace will accomplish,and make to thee a life of joy and glory. Do thou but yield up thyself to Christ thy Lord; the conquering power of His incoming presence will make a joy to cast out all that before was most precious. And the secret of a life of close abiding will be seen to be simply this: As I give Him wholly for myself; and as I lose myself and all I have for Him, He takes me wholly for Himself and gives Himself wholly to me.

THE HAND OF GOD……Andrew Murray

“When self reacts correctly in a difficult situation, it can only
result in the sin of self righteousness. In order for Christ’s
righteousness to be manifested, the Holy Spirit must
hold self inoperative by means of the Cross.”

“Accustom yourself in everything that happens, to recognize
the hand of the Father. Before you fix your thoughts on the
person who did it, first be still, and remember, God allows
me to come into this trouble to see if I shall glorify Him in it.
This trial, be it the greatest or the least, is allowed of God
and is His will concerning me. Let me first recognize and
submit to God’s will in it. Then in the rest of soul which this
gives, I shall receive wisdom to know how to behave in it.
With my eye turned from man to God, suffering wrong is not
as hard as it seems.

The Lord Jesus knew that His Father would care for His
rights and honor. But he who lives in the visible, wants
his honor to be vindicated at once here below. He who
lives in the eternal, and as seeing the Invisible, is satisfied
to leave the vindication of his rights and honor in God’s
hands; he knows that they are safe with Him. Giving one’s
all into God’s keeping brings rest and peace.”


“If I only know the Cross in its substitution [positional truth], but not, as Paul gloried in it, in its fellowship [experience], I can never experience its full power to sanctify.  As the blessed truth of its fellowship dawns on me, I see how by faith I enter into and live in spiritual communion with that Lord Jesus who, as my Head and Life, made and proved the Cross the only ladder to the Throne.

This spiritual union becomes a moral one.  I have the same mind or disposition that was in Christ Jesus.  I regard the old man as sinful and only fit for the curse. I accept the Cross, with its death to what is flesh, secured to me in Christ Jesus, as the only way to become free from the power of sin and self, and to walk in the new life by the Spirit of Christ.”