The Word Of God is truly alive and powerful, as scripture says.  The articles displayed by L.K.P. are written by a woman primarily for women.  Men are most welcome to read them and will benefit from doing so, but the author has no desire to teach men.  Miles Stanford was a big influence on the author and she was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to communicate with him for several years.  Things he wrote will be posted on the site along with the writings of many grace oriented writers such as H.A. Ironside, J.N. Darby, China Inland Missionaries, C.H. Mackintosh, Lehman Strauss, A.C Gaebelein and others.  It is our hope that you benefit from the articles posted here.

This page has the following sub pages.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. His sheep will be fed. Thanking and praising Him for His gift of your website to His Hungry Hearts. Praying for you and those He will draw to Himself through your ministry.

  2. Glad to stumble upon your site as Miles Stanford has also been my mentor albeit through his writings on the withChrist.org website. Looking forward to reading through your blog. I too have a blog which intends to put up deeper life truths. Any recommendations / suggestions from you are welcome.

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