Quote……J.B. Stoney

“It is true that in the mind of the Father we are always over Jordan.  But though
here in the wilderness, the joys of heaven are ours…like the grapes of Eschol—

(Numbers 13: 17-25)reality of being over is not known until by faith we accept it as having died and risen with Christ; and that therefore heaven is our position, we know it to be our place, and that this side is not our place, and we know that it is not.)


The more you are with the Lord in spirit on the other side, the less disappointed you will be here, for when you are there you import new joys and new hopes into this old world, from an entirely new one, and you therefore in every way surpass the inhabitants of this judged world.  May this be more and more your happy song.”


J.B. Stoney

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