The world system is doomed. Let there be no hesitancy in our witness to this fact. Out of the impending catastrophe souls are being rescued by the abounding grace of our Lord. It is ours to seek them, bearing witness to our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us then not waste time in vain attempts to shore up the tottering fabric, but let us busy ourselves in that which is the great work which our Lord has allotted to us. To be thoroughly for Him and His interests, is to be thoroughly outside the world system and its hopes.

We look, not for a perfected system of democracy, but for “the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ: who shall change our vile body that it may be fashioned like unto His glorious body” (Phil. 3:2021), and as for this earth, we look for the setting up of the kingdom of Christ by the God of heaven, which shall never be destroyed but shall stand for ever.

F. B. Hole


“not unto us O Lord not unto us but unto Thy Name give glory for His mercy and for Thy truth’s sake” (Psalm 115:1). F.B. Hole lived and laboured in the certainty of the resurrection life, and in the promise of the vision of perfect blessedness because he believed in a living Redeemer. During the last conversation Mr.Blackburn had with him, Mr. Hole said “I have had at times to occupy myself with the subtleties of the Faith but now that I am very old I have come back to simple things.

He was a humble man. His contributions at fellowship meetings were usually brief but very worthwhile. His hymn in Spiritual Songs is no. 159, “O God of Grace whose saving power”. How true the fourth line, more evident now 33 years after his death: “The ranks of faith grow thinner”. The writer of these notes can remember Mr. Hole’s illustrating the difference between appropriation and assimilation by the following stories:

“Some boys were playing marbles when along came a bully who stole the marbles and put them in his pocket and ran off. The boys chased him and eventually overpowered him and made him restore their marbles to them. He had appropriated them but they did not become part of him. But a boy is about to eat an apple and another boy comes and steals it and runs off. The boy follows him and catches him but there was nothing left but the core. The apple was now assimilated into the thief’s system”.

Mr Hole was emphasising the need for formation by assimilating the Word of God into our spiritual lives.