“What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits toward me?” Ps. 116:12

The answer: “I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name
of the Lord.” Ps. 116:13

It is all we can do. Gratitude should move every one of us to get right
with God. There can be no enduring happiness in a life which is out
of harmony with God. And we all want to be happy, do we not?

What must we do to get right with God? What must we —all out
of harmony in our selfishness, with His unselfishness, in our hatred,
with His love, in our sins, with His holiness –what must we do to
come into harmony with Him…He makes one simple, definite
proposition to us, and it is wrapped up, not in doctrine, but in a
person. His one proposition is Jesus Christ.

Right with God, we are right with humanity. Right with God, through
Jesus Christ, we are right for the next world as well as for this.

All the problems of life, the whole meaning of life, centers on that
one thing—what is Christ to me and what am I to Him? I can not
go back to the law –it only curses me, for I have broken it. I can not
begin today, if it were possible for me to do so, to live so that every
act of my life shall be pleasing to a holy God, for first of all I have no
power to do it, and secondly, there is my record up to today.

To do the thing He has commanded me—believe on Jesus Christ
whom he hath sent. Trust Him. Give myself away to Him. Put my
whole case into His hands. Let Him take this life, so full of evil,
and put the evil out of it. Let Him take this life so full of weakness
and fill it with strength. Let Him take this life so selfish and
self-centered, and let it flow out in all its breadth to humanity. Let
Him make it over. Let Him purify it. Let Him solve all its problems.
Let Jesus Christ fill it.”

(Is Life Worth Living? a Sermon by C.I.Scofield)

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