“And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the
patient waiting for Christ.” 2 Thessalonians 3:5

“Into the love of God.” The phrase seems to suggest the direction
of the heart towards a goal—“Into the love.” This must mean first
and foremost the love of God to us, for this is the true goal and home
of the soul. Home is at once a protection, a fellowship, and a joy.
“There’s no place like home;” and there is no place like the love
of God as a home for the soul. In that love we find constant protection,
for all the refuge and safety of a true home are experienced there.
In that love we find the fullest, truest fellowship, for “truly our fellowship
is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ;” and we know also “the
fellowship of the Holy Spirit.” Not least of all, in this home of the soul,
is perfect and permanent satisfaction. When the soul enters the home
of God’s love it soon realises the fulness of satisfaction, for it is “satisfied
with favour, full with the blessing of the Lord.” Love that is deep, unfathomable,
constant, pure, unchanging, Divine, is our everlasting home.

It is recorded that Spurgeon once saw a weathercock with the words on it,
“God is love.” On remarking to the owner that it was very inappropriate,
since God’s love did not change like a weathercock, he received the reply
that the real meaning was, “God is love whichever way the wind blows.”
This is the experience of the believer. Whatever comes, wherever he is, he
knows that “God is love.” (W.H.Griffith Thomas, “The Prayers of St. Paul)