If we fail to rely upon the Holy Spirit for the practical day-by-day
realization of the identification truths, we will fall short of Romans 8,
and find ourselves bound in the struggle of Romans 7.

“If some of you who have been the Lord’s for a long time cast a
glance over your past history, you will be able to recall occasions
when He spoke and you obeyed instantly. But you can recall
other occasions when He spoke and you failed to respond; yet
strangely, after a time you just found yourself in the way of

Such is the fruit of the Holy Spirit’s government in our lives.
Even if we are totally unable to obey and cannot even exercise
faith, a day comes when the resistance has vanished and we
are trusting the Lord Jesus in simplicity of heart. It is the tireless
energy of the indwelling Spirit that has accomplished this.

Our union with the Lord Jesus is a union of life. We were
raised with Him, we are made alive in Him. True, our bodies
are to be changed, and those who have died in Christ are to
be raised as to their bodies, but now we are raised with and
are made alive in Him.

The trouble is that many are not aware of this wonderful fact
and position; all of it seems so far away and unreal. If we will
believe God’s Word and begin to thank Him for the truths that
He tells us, the Holy Spirit will ere long begin to make these
truths living realities in our lives.” –L..L. Letgers
(None But The Hungry Heart, #7, pg.8)

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