THE HAND OF GOD……Andrew Murray

“When self reacts correctly in a difficult situation, it can only
result in the sin of self righteousness. In order for Christ’s
righteousness to be manifested, the Holy Spirit must
hold self inoperative by means of the Cross.”

“Accustom yourself in everything that happens, to recognize
the hand of the Father. Before you fix your thoughts on the
person who did it, first be still, and remember, God allows
me to come into this trouble to see if I shall glorify Him in it.
This trial, be it the greatest or the least, is allowed of God
and is His will concerning me. Let me first recognize and
submit to God’s will in it. Then in the rest of soul which this
gives, I shall receive wisdom to know how to behave in it.
With my eye turned from man to God, suffering wrong is not
as hard as it seems.

The Lord Jesus knew that His Father would care for His
rights and honor. But he who lives in the visible, wants
his honor to be vindicated at once here below. He who
lives in the eternal, and as seeing the Invisible, is satisfied
to leave the vindication of his rights and honor in God’s
hands; he knows that they are safe with Him. Giving one’s
all into God’s keeping brings rest and peace.”


There are vast numbers who think that the Lord Jesus, besides
bringing pardon, is simply a means to strengthen them to keep
the law. But this is sad and fundamental ignorance of
Christianity. Is a believer then at liberty to break the law?
God forbid! It is one thing to be a debtor to do the whole
law, and another that God can make light of any breach
of the law. Is there nothing possible between these
two conditions—debt to the law and freedom to break it?
Neither consists with a Christian. He who is free to do his
own will is a lawless, wicked man. He who is under the law
to do it, describes the proper condition of the Jew and
nobody else.

The Christian stands on entirely new ground. He is saved
by grace and is called to walk in grace. The character of
righteousness that God looks for in him is of another sort
altogether; as it is said in Philippians, “being filled with the
fruits of righteousness” –not which are by the law, but
“by Jesus Christ unto the glory and praise of God” (Phil.1:11)-
by the Lord Jesus under grace and not under law. And this
is not a question solely of justification. This has to do with
the responsibility of the believer to do the will of God; and
the Lord Jesus, not the law, is the measure and source of the
Christian life and walk, which makes all the difference possible.

It may be asked, Was not Christ under the law? Yes, assuredly, but
He died unto it and is now above it. The Christian, the Gentile,
never was under it; and being positioned in the Lord Jesus
risen, now that he believes, he stands on heavenly ground, to
which the law does not apply. For this reason every Christian
is regarded by God as alive from the dead, to bring forth fruit
unto God (Rom.7:4). The law only deals with a man as long
as he lives; never after he has died. “But ye have died, and
your life is hid with Christ in God” (Col. 3:3). And this is not
at all what is said of us after a “second blessing,” “extreme
unction,” or any other step of true or imaginary perfection.

The Christian life begins in Christ in heaven! We are
identified with the Lord Jesus dead and risen, seated
together at the right hand of the Father. It is no longer
the law dealing with me to try if it can get any good out
of me. I have relinquished all by receiving the Lord Jesus,
and I take my stand in Him dead and risen again—and
as one alive from the dead in Him, I yield myself unto the
Father. This is the foundation truth of Christianity—that
God has done with mere dealing with the flesh. He has
another man, even a new man, the Lord Jesus risen from
the dead; and the believer has received Him, and is
received in Him.

A young Christian may be cast down after receiving the
Saviour, through the sense of evil he finds in himself.
He wonders how this can be. He knows how the Lord
Jesus deserves to be served, and is conscious how little
he serves Him as he ought; he is filled with sorrow about
himself, and perhaps begins to doubt whether he be
a Christian at all. He has not yet learned his lesson.
He has not mastered what his baptism set forth, the
value of having a Saviour who is dead and risen. He
is occupied still with something of the old man; he
looks at it and expects to get better, hoping that
his heart will not have so many bad thoughts, etc.,
as he used to have; whereas, the only strength of the
believer is being occupied with the Lord Jesus, and
all that is lovely before the Father.

The saint, in proportion as he enjoys the Lord Jesus in
glory, lives above himself. When he becomes
engrossed with what takes place within him, he is
cast down. How many go on months and years,
expecting some good to come out! It is not that
they are not born of God; but they are so under the
effect of old thoughts and notions, acquired from
catechisms, religious books, sermons, disciplers, etc.,
that they do not enter into the full liberty wherewith
the Lord Jesus makes free.

DELIVERANCE……Edward Dennett

“For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ
Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and
Death.” – Romans 8:2

Tis only in Thee hiding
We feel ourselves secure;
Only in Thee abiding,
The conflict can endure;
Thine arm the victory gaineth
O’er every hateful foe;
Thy love our hearts sustaineth
In all their cares and woe.

“To will is present with me; but how
to perform that which is good I find
not. For the good that I would I do
not: but the evil which I would not,
that I do.” (Rom. 7: 18,19). If souls
would be honest, many would confess
that this has been their condition for
years—a condition which brings no
glory to God and no happiness to them-
selves. What is the cause? Simply
the mistake of thinking that all depends
upon their own efforts instead of ac-
cepting the truth that they are utterly
without strength, and that, therefore
everything depends upon God.

You have fought with your foes again
and again with undaunted courage, but
you have never gained the victory.
Pause, for a moment, and ask this
simple question, What am I to learn by
this sorrowful experiment?…It is
that the enemy is too strong for you,
that you cannot cope with his power.
….If you continue upon the present
line of effort it is only to court defeat in
the future as in the past. Your case is,
as far as your own strength is concerned,
hopeless. If, on the other hand, you
…..come to the end of your own
strength, it will bring rest to your soul,
because….you will understand that
your help, strength and succor come
from….Christ and not from your-
selves. Oh, the unspeakable blessed-
ness of such a discovery! Ceasing
henceforward to struggle, you will know
what it is to rest in Another, and be able
to take up the song of David, “The Lord
is my light and my salvation.”

“O wretched man that I am ! who shall
deliver me from the body of this death?
I thank God through Jesus Christ our
Lord.” Deliverance is found, just as
salvation is found, not through self,
and the labours of self, but through

“My little children, these things write
I unto you, that ye sin not.” (1John 2:1).
The believer….should never for one
moment receive the thought that sin
cannot be avoided. If he once admits
that sin is a necessary part of his
experience, he will soon lose sight
of its true character, its hatefulness
to God….and in the end become the
prey and sport of the evil one as to his
walk through this world.

ING. (Jude 24). To doubt this would
not only to disbelieve His own word,
but also to forget that He is God.

The Holy Spirit is our only power
for a holy walk. Of ourselves we can-
not take a single step in this path. The
utmost human efforts, the most reso-
lute determination, are of no avail
either to keep ourselves from evil or to
follow after Christ.

If you leave out the truth of the
coming of the Lord Jesus you miss a
power for holiness that God has given
to us. (See 1 John 3:3).

Edward Dennett
1831 – 1914


The question we are dealing with is, Does the
Christian have one, or two natures; has the old
man been eradicated, or not? Miles J. Stanford
discusses the two keys that unlock the scriptural
answer to this question.


There is no time like the present for you to begin resting in your
Father’s presence. He sees you there, in His beloved Son. It is
a simple, scriptural matter of your seeing yourself there “in full
assurance of faith.” You are there in glory before the Father, not
in the flesh, not in the body, but in spirit as a “new creation” in
Christ Jesus.

This is not the time to visualize, or even to verbalize; and
certainly not to fantasize. It is the time, by faith in the facts,
to actualize. It is the time to rest in your residency, to
personalize your position. The Father has seen you there
before His face ever since the day you were saved. In eternity
past He chose you for that position, “according as He hath
chosen us in Him (Christ) before the foundation of the world.”
(Eph. 1:4).

As you by faith in the positional facts realize that you are in
the Father’s presence, you will not try to depend upon any
sense of His presence. Adulthood supersedes childhood. Now
you know His presence because you know that your position
in the Christian life is a life of faith in the facts—-nothing else.
Thus the Father enables you to live by faith so as to draw you
into His presence—not you, by sense, seeking to draw Him
into yours.

Fellowship between you and your Father involves oneness,
a commonality. As you in faith occupy your position, you find
yourself not only in His presence, but in His life and nature –
the human-divine newness of life of your re-birth. You are
there in full acceptance of His beloved Son. And that is what you
are: beloved of God. “We are bound to give thanks always to
God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from
the beginning chosen you to salvation” (2 Thess. 2:13).

Your blessed responsibility and privilege for now is to quietly
sit where you have been seated by the Father –and that is in
His presence. You have no other place. This world is certainly
not your home. The Father “hath raised us up together, and
made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus” (Eph.2:6).
You occupy and abide in your position by faith; you will begin
to experience the resultant fellowship as the Holy Spirit prepares
you (2 Cor. 3:18).

As you rest, abiding above in your Source, in “Christ, who is our life”
(Col.3:4), you will have a new appreciation of a sound doctrinal
foundation and superstructure. Without regeneration, of course,
you would not be where you are; without assurance and security,
you would not be sure of where you are; and without acceptance,
you would not be able to rest where you are.

Further, without knowledge of your identification with the Lord
Jesus in His death unto sin and life unto God, you would not even
know of your position before the Father, nor of your privilege to
abide there in His Son. And these same truths assure you that you
have been freed from the old man by death and made a new man
in the New Man, thereby being made “fit to be partakers of the
inheritance of the saints in light” (Col. 1:12). The basis upon
which the Holy Spirit carries on the subjective work in you, is the
objective truth of your eternal completeness in the Lord Jesus
Christ: crucified, buried, risen, and ascended (Gal. 2:20; Rom.6:3-5;
Eph. 2:6; Col. 3: 3,4).

As J.B. Stoney states: “When I look at this place, He is not here;
and when I look at myself naturally I am not fit for Him. How
happy then to know that I belong to the place where He is;
and that through grace I have been made suited to Him in that
new position; so that I set my mind and affection there, as the
place where my deepest joys are realized.”


We all fall under the category of being a prodigal son, whether it’s the son that left home or the one who stayed with his father. Miles J. Standford, in his “Cross References” booklet (pages 21 – 26) covers this subject.


Nothing can exceed the importance that our Lord and the servants of God in all ages have given to scripture. Our Lord exposed the infidelity of the Sadducees as to resurrection, by saying to them, “Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God,” and by a quotation from Exodus 3: 6. He also put the Pharisees to silence as to His Person, by quoting Psalm 110: 1. We are told that the disciples were perplexed, because “they knew not the scripture that he must rise again from the dead.” The Lord also sharply rebuked the two unhappy ones walking to Emmaus, by saying unto them, “O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken! ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into his glory? And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.” What an exposition of the Old Testament this must have been! Is it astonishing that they said, “Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?”

The Corinthian believers were sadly wrong, because they knew not the scripture as to the resurrection of the body. The Galatian believers got wrong because they were adding “circumcision” to the work of Christ, in order to make their salvation more secure; and the Apostle, by the Spirit, uses scripture to set them right. The Colossian saints were not quite free as to ritualism and rationalism, because they got away from scripture, and therefore were “not holding the Head” not in communion with the Lord Jesus Christ as Head of the body, the assembly. The Thessalonian believers were not clear on some points as to the Lord’s coming, and were therefore sorrowful, which they would not have been had they known the truth as to the resurrection of the bodies of those who are Christ’s, the change of the living, and the rapture to meet the Lord in the air.

The Hebrew saints were some of them in danger of giving up Christianity, and going back to Judaism, because they knew not the truth which the scriptures teach as to the eternal efficacy of the one offering of Christ once for all, and the liberty to enter into the holiest with boldness by the blood of Jesus since the veil was rent, and Jesus appears in the presence of God for us as our great High Priest. Could anything more be required than the consideration of these facts, to induce us to read and meditate on the word of God for soul-blessing, and guidance as to life and walk? Thank God, the Holy Ghost indwells us, is able to teach us, and guide us into all the truth, so that an Apostle could say of believers, “Ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.”