“We should know that we are the Lord’s ” garden we should have in the wilderness the consciousness of being planted as God’s ” trees,” and not merely of being saved. God has set rivers of water to flow there-not thence, but there-that though in a dry place, the church should bear testimony to the perfectness of Christ’s work, to the infiniteness of the efficacy of Christ’s death. What a marvelous miracle of grace is the acceptance of the church! Yes, such is its efficacy, that in this dry and barren land, this land where no water is, the waters of God flow; and God’s people have rivers of waters around them to refresh them through it. That a poor wretched creature such as I am should have the Holy Ghost dwelling in me, and be a tree of the Lord’s planting, is as great a miracle as bringing me to glory. ” Greater is he that is in us, than he that is in the world.” God has put a wall, an unseen wall of grace, around us ; and while Satan is deceiving and blinding the eyes of the world, these waters of God supply the saints, watering the plants of His planting inside the fence of God. What a manifestation of divine power and grace.”  J.N.D.


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